About us

Who we are

ILPS Australia is the Australian Chapter of the International League of Peoples’ Struggle, a global organisation that seeks to coordinate anti-imperialist and democratic movements all around the world.

The League fights for the following concerns:

  • The cause of national liberation, democracy and social liberation;
  • Socio-economic development and social justice;
  • Human rights in the civil, political, economic, social and cultural fields;
  • The cause of just peace;
  • Independent trade union and workers’ and toilers’ rights and reduction of working hours at full pay against mass unemployment and decreasing wage levels;
  • Agrarian reform and rights of peasants, farm workers and fisherfolk;
  • The cause of women’s rights and liberation;
  • Rights of the youth to education and employment;
  • Children’s rights against child labour, sexual abuse and other forms of exploitation;
  • Rights of indigenous peoples, oppressed nations and nationalities against chauvinism and racism;
  • The rights of teachers, researchers and other educational personnel;
  • The right of the people to health care and the rights of health workers;
  • Science and technology for the people and development, and environmental protection;
  • Arts and culture and free flow of information in the service of the people;
  • Justice and indemnification for the victims of illegal arrest and detention;
  • Rights and welfare of displaced homeless persons, refugees and migrant workers; and
  • Rights of gays, lesbians, bisexuals and trans-gendered.

Our aims and activities:

  • To stimulate, facilitate and coordinate common lines of action and undertake definite actions on the aforesaid concerns and issues,
  • To cooperate with all possible organizations, institutions and personages in the attainment of the aims and purposes of the League,
  • The activities of the League include:advocacy, research, publications, conferences, seminars and social and political action.

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