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Indigenous Fighting Villages in the Frontlines of Social and Climate Justice: BALSA Mindanao’s Solidarity Work with the Lumad

By Owen Migraso, Executive Director, BALSA Mindanao:Editor’s Note: The original version has been shortened for this publication. BALSA Mindanao or Bulig Alang sa Mindanao (Help Mindanao) is a network of volunteers and organiza- tions based in the southern island of the Philippines. We do citizen-led responses to disasters, be it natural or man-made. Our responses […]

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Indigenous Peoples (IP) in Cagayan Valley: Their Struggles and Continuing Challenges

Speech delivered at the Forum of Philippine Caucus for Peace 18th October 2020, Melbourne, Australia By Mafel Macalanda, Regional Coordinator, Cagayan Valley Indigenous Peoples Alliance Region 2, or popularly known as Cagayan Valley, has eight major IP groups found in its five provinces. The Isinay and Gaddang of Nueva Vizcaya, the Calinga, Aeta, and Agta- […]

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The Struggle of the Lumads: Speech delivered at the Forum of Philippine Caucus for Peace

By Chad Booc, Spokesperson, “Save Our Schools” Campaign (18th October 2020, Melbourne, Australia) Lush green forests, flowing rivers, fertile soil, diverse flora and fauna — such is the abundance and richness of the Lumad’s ancestral lands in Mindanao. Apart from what is seen by the naked eye, these indigenous territories are known to be rich […]

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One Spark

The rampage has begun. Weeks after the enactment of the Anti- Terrorism Law, signed by President Duterte last July 3, a spate of killings has intensified. National Democratic Front of the Philippines (NDFP) Peace Consultant Randy Echanis was horrendously murdered in the wee hours of the night by assailants. He was stabbed more than 40 […]

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Anakbayan Melbourne and Sydney hold a transnational discussion on police fascism

By Laurence Castillo: Anakbayan Melbourne and Sydney, together with Anakbayan USA and Anakbayan Philippines held an online forum “Policing the State” last 4 July 2020. The forum touched on the similarities and particularities among experiences of fascism and police violence in Australia, the Philippines and the USA. Nikki Pagulayan of Anakbayan USA spoke about white […]

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