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Human Rights Under COVID-19

The year 2020 began as always with hope, optimism and lots of vibrancy but ended under a cloud of uncertainty and an undeniable cry for ‘normalcy’. Death, anxiety, fear and madness have become the norm. The pandemic has already decimated an alarming proportion of the world’s population. The war to contain, control and eradicate COVID-19 […]

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Indigenous Peoples (IP) in Cagayan Valley: Their Struggles and Continuing Challenges

Speech delivered at the Forum of Philippine Caucus for Peace 18th October 2020, Melbourne, Australia By Mafel Macalanda, Regional Coordinator, Cagayan Valley Indigenous Peoples Alliance Region 2, or popularly known as Cagayan Valley, has eight major IP groups found in its five provinces. The Isinay and Gaddang of Nueva Vizcaya, the Calinga, Aeta, and Agta- […]

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