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The Last Refuge is Resistance: ILPS Statement on the ‘flour massacre’ and Israel’s impending invasion of Rafah

All eyes are on Rafah, where over 1.5 million Palestinians seek refuge, while Israel plans an all-out ground offensive in the supposed “safe zone.” Trapped in the city of Rafah, more than half of Gaza’s population faces a dire reality with nowhere else to escape. Israel’s relentless attacks have left the enclave reduced to rubble, […]

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ILPS Australia supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart

Statement – 26 January 2023 ILPS Australia supports the Uluru Statement from the Heart ILPS (International League of Peoples’ Struggle) Australia Chapter is fully supporting a change to the Australian Constitution to include an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament, in the Constitutional Referendum later this year. The Voice will be an independent, representative […]

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On the 2022 NATO Summit

The leaders of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) held their annual Summit from June 28 – 30. In contrast to the business-as-usual style summits of the past, this one marked an unprecedented increase in the militarization of the whole of Europe and the expansion of its members particularly in the east against Russia and […]

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