Please help us raise $10,000.00 to purchase a ‘Disaster Truck’ for BALSA Mindanao

Please help us raise $10,000.00 to purchase a ‘Disaster Truck’ for BALSA Mindanao

Balsa Mindanao is a citizen-led response to humanitarian and environmental crises brought about by natural and human-made disasters and calamities. Balsa operates in Mindanao, the Southernmost part of the Philippines where poor and Indigenous Filipinos are in constant attacks by the Philippine Military and private armies of large mining companies and large plantation. It also operates in the neighbouring Visayas Islands frequently devastated by typhoons and floods.

Any amount will help.

Please deposit your donations to this account:

BSB: 633108 • Account No: 1740 41251 • Account Name: Philippine Caucus for Peace Bank: Bendigo Bank


Contacts: George Kotsakis 0413 041514 Sr. Pat Fox 0423 233152 Steph Rabusa 0422 171969

Balsa Mindanao is a citizen-led mobilization among the regions of Mindanao and Visayas for disaster response and advocacy for climate justice. The Philippines is prone to natural disasters especially typhoons. Mindanao was not prone to strong typhoons until 2011, when 2 major typhoons hit the island triggering flash floods resulting in the death and displacement of thousands of people. The lack of organized and adequate government response to the needs particularly of farmers, agricultural workers and indigenous people, led to the establishment of Balsa Mindanao, a coordinated network of individuals, schools, churches and other community groups. Through this network, Balsa Mindanao was able to reach out to communities not easily accessible and neglected by government services.

With Mindanao being placed under martial law in 2017, the resulting military attacks on rural communities, including bombing, thousands more of the rural poor have been displaced and livelihoods affected. Being an island where destructive mining operations and largescale plantations have spread, the workers found themselves also excluded from any aid under the Governments program of support in this time of Pandemic.

Balsa Mindanao does not just provide relief, trainings in disaster preparation and mitigation, but also in sustainable agriculture and reforestation after years of illegal logging. It mobilizes the affected communities to design and implement programs, making use of local resources where possible. Taking a wholistic approach to climate justice and genuine sustainability, Balsa also advocates for the upholding of human rights, ecologically sound development, justice and a lasting peace.

In order to implement its programs, Balsa needs a truck which is able to traverse rugged country. The truck helps provide relief and rehabilitation delivery, can convert into a mobile clinic, transportation of needed medical personnel and supplies, transportation of those displaced and help in reforestation and planting efforts of communities.

We are therefore launching a campaign to raise $10,000 to purchase a $62,000 worth ‘Disaster Truck’ and we need your help.

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